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1% for the Planet

Founded by Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews in 2002, 1% For The Planet is an international organisation made up of members who are committed to protecting our environment. Members contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes.

We at the Rocks Push have joined thousands of other like minded businesses to donate 1% of gross sales to directly support the Australian Marine Conservation Society, Australia’s only marine conservation organisation.

With a great love for our Great Barrier Reef, we support AMCS’s campaigns to educate and protect our Reef from industrialisation. Read more about their work here.

Here are some shocking stats we found that really took us by surprise:

  • 100,000 marine creatures a year die from plastic entanglement and these are the ones found.
  • Almost 14 billion plastic soda bottles, water bottles, and other containers for beverages are used by Australians every year. Less than half of this number end up in recycling facilities, and over half of them end up in landfills or, even worse, left as litter in and around the ocean and beaches.
  • 85% of all marine birds in Australia are impacted in some way by marine plastic pollution. They are either tangled in plastics, poisoned by plastic toxicity, or killed by swallowing plastics that they believed to be food.

Achievements of AMCS

  • The first major campaign commenced by AMCS was in the mid 1960s, when they legally contested and successfully defeated an application to mine coral on the Great Barrier Reef.
  • AMCS have led the movement to ban whaling, stopped supertrawlers, and protected threatened and endangered species like the Australian Sea Lion.

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