4 of the Best European Summer Breaks
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4 of the Best European Summer Breaks

A winter escape to a European beach is something different; pebbles, azure waters, mouth-watering food and striped sun loungers creating shadows under luminous white umbrellas….

 All you need are your swim shorts and some linen shirts, a towel that rolls up small and a beach bag, here are our favourite European spots.

 Sicily (Mediterranean)

The mix of history, great grub, good booze, and sun-kissed beauty spots make it one for indulgence.

Crete (Greece)

This gorgeous island has both secluded and vibrant beaches, take your pick depending on your mood and your company.  Rent a scooter and explore the island, all you’ll need is your swim trunks, sun cream and water in your bag.

 Ibiza (Mediterranean)

The name is synonymous with hard partying but this scrubby covered island has hidden bays with secret tracks leading to lush beaches where it feels like you’re at the end of the earth.

 Malta (Mediterranean)

Our choice for the cleanest, crispest water, really friendly people and a feeling of a place forgotten with the medieval towns took our breath away.

 Last minute is never too late.  If you’re feeling cold, chase the sun.  Grab your board shorts and be gone.  With overnight delivery Australia wide, we’ll make sure you’re in the smartest swim shorts on the beach and by the pool.  Happy travels.

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