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5 Must-Visit Surfing Spots in the UK

The UK has some beautiful beaches with very few people braving the water for the waves. The beaches are long, wind swept and dramatic with strong swells coming from powerful seas like the North Sea and the Altantic. Tucked away valleys make for sweet camping spots and relaxed villages with homely pubs and friendly folk will give you a surfing weekend you won’t forget. Remember to pack a long suit or even a dry suit in the cooler months and to stop into the local for some hearty ale to warm up afterwards.

Here’s our favourite five surfing beaches in the UK:

Watergate Bay, Newquay, Cornwall

Two miles of lush sand and surf (swells come courtesy of the Atlantic) make this an essential part of a summer surf holiday. A favourite spot for Londoner’s escaping the city heat, masses descend on Cornwall during peak periods. Pack your designer swim shorts to team with a linen shirt for dusk drinks after your paddle.

Hell’s Mouth, Gwynedd, Wales

This north-Wales spot has four miles of bay with a terrific swell. There’s a massive surfing scene in the local community and people are very friendly in the water.

Thurso East, Scotland

For expert surfers, Thurso East offers some of Europe’s biggest, best waves (it’s chilly up there so pack your dry suit).

Sennen Cove, Cornwall 

Another Cornish beach, the waves are consistently big and steady, perfect for those looking for an intermediate beach.

Pease Bay, Scotland

This is one of Scotland’s biggest surf beaches, with good reason. Check it out.

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