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5 Things Foodies are Talking About


Burgers: If you haven’t noticed the burger craze in Australia then you must be living under a rock. The city (and it’s foodies) have gone burger mad. Whether it’s filled to the max with everything but the kitchen sink or if it just includes the bare ingredients to make it irresistible; every foodie needs to get their hands on board the burger wagon.


Masterchef: Real foodies will know that the new series of Masterchef kicked off at the beginning of May. With the final 24 chosen the pressure is on and the knives are out. It’s time for us to brush up on our fine dining knowledge and pretend we can relate to what the contestants are going through. Let’s just pray someone can nail the chocolate fondant.

Fancy food courts: Let’s face it. When it comes to choosing great food we want it to be as easy as possible to decide what to have. That’s where the new breed of fancy food courts comes in. If we can find ramen, pho, burgers, tacos and lobster rolls under one roof then we’ve reached foodie heaven.

Bombay food

Food festivals: A full day packed with all the food and drink we can handle? Erm, where do we sign up? The big cities are a constant abundance of foodie festivals that anyone with an obsession with food (and an Instagram account) is queuing up to be at. Make sure you’re a foodie in the know and stay up to date on the festivals going on around your city.

5 things foodies are talking about

Premium food delivery: We couldn’t write a list about foodie talking topics without mentioning premium food delivery. What could more desirable to a food obsessed individual than feasting on dishes from the city’s best restaurants whilst sitting on your couch in your sweatpants? With the likes of BL Burgers, Mamak, Hanoi Hannah and Gelato Messina all on board it’s time invite the squad over for the ultimate foodie night in.

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