A Fishy tale
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A Fishy Tale

It’s a stormy morning; the sky sits heavily over the sea, pregnant with rain and ice. The wind is biting and the rain falls like shards, hard and sharp onto the deck. The boat is sitting low in the water, a good catch on board. She is a faithful boat, seen better days, rust eating at her from the outside in, but she carries on ploughing through the big swell and through the white tops to get home. Three hours to home.

The little boat is sitting higher and travelling a faster now they’ve thrown that useless old net overboard. It had more holes than a leaky bucket and had been repaired too many times. There was nowhere to put it in the village, no rubbish tip or recycling and so the cheapest thing to do was to throw it overboard.

Doesn’t feel right to throw it into the beautiful ocean but can’t afford the petrol to get it back to shore. Making a living from fishing these days isn’t what it used to be, what with rising petrol costs, kids not wanting to work on the boats, poor catches and bad roads to market making it hard to get them these before the fish spoil.

The net disappeared quickly. Out of sight, out of mind. Onwards.

That night, a whisper is heard in the village arak bar. There are some people who want those nets, they’re paying good money for them and they’re sending far away to make new things from them. They are worth something.

But what could they become, someone asks, incredulous.

They turn the nets into carpets and swim shorts.

Blank stares. Wonder of all wonders. Board shorts?

We are shipping our first men’s swim shorts and boys swim shorts made from salvaged drift nets from our supplier this week and they will arrive here in two weeks. To say we are excited is a big understatement. The environment is our biggest love here at The Rocks Push.

Please let us know if you would like to know when they’re here.

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