A Man’s Guide to Packing Light
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A Man’s Guide to Packing Light

A summer break is restful, relaxed and you’re ready for everything when you have all you need in your duffel and nothing more. It’s hand luggage a-go-go.


 Take just a handful of clothes that mix and match. White, navy and a few prints are safe bets. Somewhere hot means shorts by day and night. Stylish board shorts for men in a tailored fit in a stylish print can be worn on the beach by day or teamed with a white linen shirt for evening.

Minimal toiletries

You know the basics you need to survive. Keep the bag small and light and bring your own clear plastic zip lock bag, ready packed to maintain dignity at the airport. Sunscreen is our most important toiletry. Depending on where you’re going, the sunscreen there might be rubbish so bring some real stuff from home.

 Cover it

A hat and a beach towel are two things we don’t leave home without. The hat has a brim and the towel is loosely woven cotton, and rolls up small but has high absorbency, making it great for lying on, wrapping around shoulders at sunset, covering picnic leftovers, mopping up spillages, she can use it as a wrap post skinny dipping, it’s rather useful.

Roll it

Roll those shirts and shorts and they won’t crease and will come out ready for you to roll in. We also love the garment-folding bag by Eagle Creek, it’s a smart solution that will have you arriving with pressed shirts at the ready.

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