About Us


About Us

The Rocks Push makes perfect men’s swim shorts.  Designed in Sydney, Australia and made to be worn all weekend, on and off the beach.

We are passionate about our oceans and their wildlife.  We make all our swim shorts from recycled nylon.  Our beautifully soft and strong nylon fabric was once a ghost fishing net drifting around the ocean aimless, endangering wildlife.

We work with a mill in Italy who salvages these drift nets from six countries including Pakistan, Turkey, Thailand, Italy, Greece and Portugal.  The mill makes the nets into regenerated nylon yarn which we then weave, dye, print and stitch into our stylish board shorts.  For your pleasure and for our planet.

Crafted with double stitching for rugged wear, flat seams for comfort and adjustable options for big waves, our board shorts come in four styles and lengths, to suit most body shapes and occasions.

We donate 100% of the profits from one print to save our Great Barrier Reef from industrialisation, in partnership with AMCS.

The Rocks Push name comes from an infamous Sydney gang who ruled our young colony in the late 1800’s and who were known for their impeccable style. We also name all our swim shorts after our favourite Sydney and nearby beaches.

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