About Us


About Us

The Rocks Push makes perfect men’s swim shorts from Australia.

The Rocks Push name comes from an infamous Sydney gang who ruled our young colony in the late 1800’s and who were known for the impeccable style. We also name all our swim shorts after our favourite Sydney and nearby beaches.

Sustainability is at our heart. We dislike excess and waste, so we choose to make less in each print and hopefully sell out, rather than flog excess stock.

We use recycled PET in some of our products and these swim shorts are made from ten plastic bottles, diverting these from landfill or our ocean gyres. We also have one print in each collection whereby 100% of the profits go to saving our Great Barrier Reef from industrialisation, in partnership with AMCS.

Crafted from the lightest, quick drying, recycled fabrics and double stitched for rugged wear and adjustable for big waves, every pair comes with a waterproof wallet that slips into your back pocket to keep your valuables safe and dry while you get wet.

Wear The Rocks Push swim shorts all weekend.

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