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From A Personal Training Perspective

I was once told that what motivates us all in life is the pursuit of pleasure and of purpose. As a track athlete it is movement, exercise and new personal bests that give me great pleasure and purpose. As a personal trainer I get to share a piece of that world with others.

For many, personal training is a voyage of discovery, from starting out of guilt or necessity, to one day awakening to realise that training has become the most natural and exciting part of their life – which is just as well because there is only so much verbal abuse I can take!

I train in different locations around the Eastern suburbs and use a range of methods to suit the person. My day requires clothes that fit the situation, whatever it may be. My Rocks Push shorts were a Christmas gift that serve my purposes perfectly.

The beach is a favourite location of mine, and to be able to switch from athlete, to trainer, to surfer, to beach bum all in the same good-looking pair of shorts is pretty awesome!

For me The Rocks Push is not just about shorts though, behind the clothing there’s this innovation and forward thinking- qualities I aspire to. There is also a genuine consciousness of the natural world, and a commitment to take positive action. That’s a trend I want to be associated with.

If you have an interest in personal or group training you can contact me through my page
Or on 0404 186 535

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