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Curious Crabs

The inspiration for our Crabs Print swim shorts are all designed with one of our favourite cheeky marine creatures in mind. Being an Australian small business, the Rocks Push draws inspiration from our beautiful surrounding all inspired by nature.

We have over 1300 species of freshwater crabs worldwide, with other types creeping around tropical rainforests. In Australia, the most likely encounters of crabs are seen on our beach shores.

The most common crabs we see lurking around Australia are the Blue Swimmer Crabs, Mud Crabs and Spanner Crabs. We are most likely to see these pop up in our spring and summer times. So watch for them sneaking in the sand or on your trip to the rainforest this summertime season. It’s such a treat!

At the Rocks Push with this in mind, we have created 2 awesome Crabs prints for our SS1920 collection.

The Crabs Aqua print is a bright blue background comprising of a delicate three-inch repeat x-ray of a Blue Swimmer Crab in various pretty pastels. We worked with our talented designer Adrian, in Buenos Aires to make this print come to life. The Crabs Aqua Print comes in our Balmoral Mens and Balmoral Boys styles.

The Crabs Navy print, available in our Blueys Mens and our Balmoral Boys, is a hand-illustrated print with a navy background together with delicate crab in soft pastel colours. The Blueys boardshorts are a traditional boardshort with a longer length leg and a regular fit, with our Balmoral style tailored for comfort with a drawstring waistband and wide fitting leg, made from soft and light recycled fabric to wear them all weekend.

Check out more info about our Aussie crabs here.

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