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Fashion Trends From The Season

Summer is officially ending. The month where our stylish Rocks Push board shorts are shown the most love. We thought we’d show you our favourite trends from the past season.

Bright Colours

If you can’t wear bright colours and prints in Summer, when can you? Match a pair of printed Rocks push board shorts with a linen shirt and you’re good to go. Some of our most popular bright prints this season have been Coral mermaid tattoo, Jellies and Pink Paddles. Which was your favourite?

Canvas Accessories

We have spotted many canvas accessories this season whether that be a watch or a belt. A casual yet sophisticated way to smarten any outfit.


Stripes have been staples in our wardrobes this Summer. The sophisticated Rocks Push Breton print was an easy choice for many as it can be paired with any solid colour top. This classic look will truly take you from the beach to the bar.


Linen is the perfect Summer material as it is very light making it a comfortable choice for those sweltering days and balmy nights. The Rocks Push will shortly be catering for your linen needs with linen shirts on the way!

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