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The First Fleet

The Rocks Push name comes from a band of rebels who ruled our young colony in the 1800’s, they were the epitome of mens style at the time with their top hats, stacked mens shoes and double breasted coats.  This gang embodied the wild west spirit of the town and were both feared and respected.  The fashion for men then was a marker of belonging and an indicator of their place in society and the community.  As it is now. We have taken inspiration for our new summer range from a range of places, but most of all, from our young history.  This print, 1788, is an illustration drawn by a very talented artist Pip Peycke whom we commissioned.  It shows the First Fleet arriving into Botany Bay, the tall ships waiting while little row boats full of men with hopeful hearts powered their way through emerald waves to a foreign land. As Australians, we are adventurers, we explore, we seek new places and people but we most often come home.  For good reason too.  I don’t know anywhere I am happier.  The sound of kookaburras at dawn.  The smell of the hot earth cooling after rain pounds into it after a white hot day.  The pink dusk glow that lights our nights as the sun burns into the land on her way to sleep. Australia, this is our love song to you, you make our heart beat faster. We hope you enjoy wearing our 1788 print in Balmoral and Tama styles as much as our model Dan does.   Tama 1788

first feet

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