October 31, 2011

Escaped Sydney this weekend and wound our way down the south coast in the Kombi to a little town with a big beach where we could test the new swim short style, the Tama at an uncrowded beach, Broulee.

The water was icy but crystal clear.  The first dive was breath-taking, literally.  The waves were small, clean and perfectly formed.  Gulls bobbed up and down on them.  The Tama swim shorts lived up to their namesake, stylish, smooth and a little glam.  It seemed sad that there wasn’t an audience to appreciate them. 

The beach was deserted and shimmered into the distance, only the odd blue bottle stranded amongst the shells. 

And now the Tama swim shorts are catching rays on the line and it’s strange how this Monday feels so much better than last Monday.  Call it the magic of salt water.