December 14, 2012

Recently inspired by a clever note in a parcel we received last month, in an effort to get some feedback from our customers, we’ve been asking customers to comment on their product and our service. What a pleasure it is to get these comments.  Every day there is something new to learn about how people use our board shorts, what people love about them and how people feel about our service. Yesterday Sarah from Sydney forwarded us an email that she had sent a male friend of hers which made us laugh. ‘THEY ROCK, my husband’s friend had a pair on yesterday I am off to DJ’s to buy the fox a pair fox Xmas they are super hot you need some if you don’t have any already’. We hope you enjoy reading the comments too and they help you decide which pair of board shorts are right for you/him.  And if you’re not happy, of course, there’s free return shipping and a no questions asked returns policy.