Happy summer x
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Happy Summer X

We met Sebastian Terry a few months ago and were inspired by his very real approach to living. With a story that goes something like this, an achiever who was without clarity in this direction, he followed the advice of many at each step until someone close and young dying, catapulted him onto a search for meaning in this life. He made a list of 100 things he wanted to do and he started ticking them off.

The list included things like getting shot, delivering a baby, climbing Everest, surfing a river wave and staying awake for 72 hours, read his list here He’s been ticking these things off and has gained a loyal following of adventurers, influencers and helpers around the world who are also making their list at

We liked this, living with more meaning is right up our alley and we think it’s up the alley of those who wear The Rocks Push shorts. So together, we joined creative forces and with some shape, colour and very few words on a swing tag and a back label in the shorts, we’ve created a short we call our Do Have Be short. It arrives in ten days and with it, we hope these shorts might be a nice, limited edition gift for that special person who may be starting or continuing their search for something more.

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