December 9, 2014

The connection between yoga and everyday life may seem everything but a union ( the true translation of the word “yoga”). However in today’s society as people begin to acknowledge their existence and their affect on this planet, the relationship between yoga and realization of the self will continue to cultivate and flourish. The dual sense of community and individuality in yoga are as simple and essential as an inhale to an exhale. Making yoga a daily habit in my life brings instances of gratitude more than once each day. This awareness alludes to observing the present moment. Nothing more. Nothing less. It allows me to accept who I am at any given time, which sometimes proves difficult when challenged mentally, physically and spiritually. This building relationship with The Rocks Push began with a Father’s Day present in the form of the Balmoral Shoal print shorts. The community focus of the Great Barrier Reef associated with every Shoal print short sold was something I resonated with. (and I used to live on Balmoral Beach was a nice touch to the memory bank). The versatility of the shorts range allows me to do yoga, play golf, hit the beach and then off to the bar all in one day! Hopefully one day, Bodhi Power Yoga ¬†will have a limited edition short where a percentage goes to a cause to which I support. Ian Cariaga Like Bodhi Power Yoga on Facebook today!