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Australian Men's Designer Swim Shorts

The Rocks Push swim shorts look great, fit well and are made to wear all weekend. We’ve created four styles of swim shorts for men so you can choose a style that suits how you like to wear them and where you like to wear them.

Fit and performance and then print, are top of mind when designing our board shorts.

We started with fit. In our range you can find a pair that fits your leg shape, your leg length and your preferred fit. We make short swim shorts, long swim shorts, wide leg swim shorts, slim leg swim shorts and regular leg swim shorts.

Then we focused on detail. Performance trims like heavy duty zippers and zip close pockets. A waterproof wallet to keep your valuables dry and safe in your back pocket while you get wet.

We design our exclusive prints with talented artists from all over the world. And we use the softest fabrics made from plastics and nylons rescued from our oceans and spun into yarn in Europe and then woven into fabric, printed and stitched into our stylish swim shorts.

Wear our swim shorts all weekend, from the first Friday dip until sundown on Sunday

Choose your favourite style of Rocks Push swim shorts here.

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I am very sorry, we have very few swim shorts left here for you to choose from for your Christmas pressies.


Our supply chain was interrupted with COVID and so we are now making our swim shorts here in Australia.  Woohoo!


But the first delivery is running very late and I am not sure if they will arrive in time for Christmas orders.  I am sorry.


If you’re keen to know when they arrive, which may be in time for Christmas orders, please pop your email below and I will be sure to email you as soon as they are here.


These shorts are made from recycled fishing nets and made in Aus in very special iconic Aussie prints,  I hope you’ll think they’re worth waiting for. 


Thank you for your loyalty and understanding.