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Australian Designer Men's Swim Trunks

Finding swimwear that fits just as we like it isn’t easy. That’s why we design our swim trunks to be not only being stylish but to fit most body shapes with a variety of different styles to easily choose from including

 Wide leg swim shorts
 Regular leg swim shorts
 Long swim shorts
 Short swim shorts

The Rocks Push men’s designer swim trunks look great and perform on and off the beach. We’re sure our swim trunks will be the best you’ve ever had.

Fit, feel and performance – our top must haves. Add recycled quick dry fabrics; exclusive prints and clever waterproof accessories and you have the perfect pair of swim trunks.

We use recycled quick dry fabric and double stitch our shorts for rugged wear and add flat seams for comfort. We make our swim shorts with large pockets to fit hands, phones and wallets into and we use soft gusset fabric that can be removed if it’s your preference.

Performing on and off the beach is a must; in Australia we wear swim trunks all weekend, so we have created every pair of our swimming trunks adjustable (for big waves and deck dives) with mart accessories like our waterproof wallet to keep valuables on you, safe and dry, while you get wet up to 18m.

Our swim short prints are easily recognisable. Bold, beautiful and very Australian, and all tell a story. We work with talented artists from around the world and print short runs of fabric to make every pair extra special.

Our swimming trunks for men are made from recycled plastics pulled from our oceans and spun into yarn in Europe, every pair of Rocks Push swim shorts is made using ten recycled plastic bottles.

Choose your designer swim trunks for men here, you won’t look back.

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