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New Prints are HERE!

The new SS1920 swim short collection is here! We are so excited to bring you this fun, vibrant and funky set of boardies. This season all of our men’s and boys swimwear is inspired by Australian underwater adventures, with a variety of our favourite fascinating friends from the ocean. 

Our Blue Ringed Octopus print is one of our favourites! The hand-illustrated print features the treasured coastal marine creature with a classic navy background. Growing up around the Sydney beaches, it is always exciting to see them lurking in the tide pools and underneath the rocks in their special hidden spots. They are small, fierce and are actually recognised as one of the world’s most venomous marine animals.

The Crabs Aqua print is a bright blue background comprising of a delicate three-inch repeat x-ray of a Blue Swimmer Crab in various pretty pastels. We worked with our talented designer Adrian, in Buenos Aires to make this print come to life. Blue Swimmer Crabs often stay buried under the sand or mud, so it’s such a treat to see one pop up when at the beach! 

The hand-illustrated Sharks print is a white background with a delicate repeat of swimming sharks in blues, pinks, purples. This is a repeat print that sold out in lightning speed three years ago! We have a great love for our Sharks at the Rocks Push. They are a natural part of marine life and many shark populations are threatened by human activities. 

This season we have also made our swim shorts from Repreve. This fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles, with every pair of the Rocks Push swim shorts, comprising of 8 plastic bottles. 

Using this fabric means we are diverting plastic bottles from landfill and contributing to a circular economy. Shop our men’s and boys board shorts, to be apart of this transformative movement. 

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I am very sorry, we have very few swim shorts left here for you to choose from for your Christmas pressies.


Our supply chain was interrupted with COVID and so we are now making our swim shorts here in Australia.  Woohoo!


But the first delivery is running very late and I am not sure if they will arrive in time for Christmas orders.  I am sorry.


If you’re keen to know when they arrive, which may be in time for Christmas orders, please pop your email below and I will be sure to email you as soon as they are here.


These shorts are made from recycled fishing nets and made in Aus in very special iconic Aussie prints,  I hope you’ll think they’re worth waiting for. 


Thank you for your loyalty and understanding.