June 6, 2014

Our Australian government is working hard to build the world’s largest coal port in our Great Barrier Reef.  If this goes ahead, there will be over 100 million tonnes of dredging and dumping, and thousands more coal ships crossing the Great Barrier Reef every year. Today is World Ocean Day and I’ve got news I’m proud of. My love for our sea inspires me every day, whether I’m by its side where I grew up or whether I’m in big cities working to build The Rocks Push or in the corners of the globe where our product is made. This summer we’re partnering with the Australian Marine Conservation Society to make a difference with every pair of shorts you buy. I’ve been following the AMCS’ great work and read last night that a Whitsunday Tourism operator, Tony Brown traveled halfway around the world to confront the Deutsche Bank AGM on how mega-ports will impact on the reef, visitors and his livelihood and to stop them funding the Abbott Point coal port. What an inspiring win.  Join the right for our reef here