Our partnership to save the Great Barrier Reef

January 18, 2016

Our Oceans
We are proud to share the journey of our ongoing partnership with the Australian Marine Conservation Society and to give you some key insight into where the 100% profits on a selection of our swim shorts is invested. 2015, what a big year. You helped us make Saving the Reef a big priority at the Queensland state election in January, then in March the Federal Government acted on their promise to ban industrial dredge spoil dumping in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. In June it was off to Germany for the World Heritage Committee meeting where they put Australia on probation – keeping a close eye on how well we safeguard this international icon. Finally in November the new Queensland government extended the sea-dumping ban to the whole World Heritage Area and put a stop to future port development on untouched stretches of the Reef coast like Cape York and the Fitzroy Delta. On top of all that, together we generated massive public opposition to the coal port expansion at Abbot Point, had global warming rallies for the Reef, and so much more. Here’s a snapshot of our favourite moments for the Fight for the Reef campaign this year:
  • We had a huge victory when the Queensland Parliament voted to ban dredge spoil being dumped in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area
  • We rallied to protect the Reef from global warming
  • Hundreds of thousands of people from around the world made sure the World Heritage Committee was keeping a close eye on the government’s plans for the Reef
  • We made the Reef a key issue during the Queensland election
  • We knocked on hundreds of doors in Queensland to tell the new Queensland Government to keep their promises and protect the Reef
  • We took our core volunteers from around the country on a road trip to the Reef and provided training for them to continue fighting for the Reef.
We have some exciting projects in the mix with AMCS for 2016, stay tuned for the highlights. Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 8.33.19 am