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Pink mermaid inspiration

Our pink mermaid print is a favourite, with it’s organic shaped mermaids swirling around themselves in a sea of candy pink. The white pops and the repeat print is tight and clean. It’s easy to wear with white linen on top or a plain white tee and white trainers after the beach or the pool.

Designed by one of our favourite print artists, Pip Peycke, whom we have worked with for five years. Known for her whimsical approach to art, Pip’s prints are intricate, delicate and beautifully balanced and really worthy of being on a wall. But we print them on recycled nylon to make swim shorts that hopefully, you can’t resist.

Once, trawling through the shop at the Saatchi and Saatchi Gallery on the Kings Road in London, picking up a little tome of tattoos from Russian prisons, a small icon leaped out at me, curling, beautiful and feminine, a mermaid on a hairy, wide forearm. It stayed with me.

This was the beginning of our pink mermaid pink. It’s one of our best sellers in our mens swim shorts and our boys swim shorts. Choose your pink mermaid here.

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Our supply chain was interrupted with COVID and so we are now making our swim shorts here in Australia.  Woohoo!


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These shorts are made from recycled fishing nets and made in Aus in very special iconic Aussie prints,  I hope you’ll think they’re worth waiting for. 


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