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Plastic Free July

What are you doing to reduce your plastic footprint? We are turning plastic and fishing nets into men’s boardies.

Global plastic production has soared from 15 million tonnes in 1964 to over 311 million tonnes per year and that is expected to double in the next twenty years. 95% of all plastic is never used again after just one use. So while we were busy taking 3 pieces of plastic for the sea ( down at the beach the other day we couldn’t help think of all the plastic in our lives.

If you count how many pieces of plastic you touch every day it’s pretty shocking. While people are actively looking for plastic alternatives, we have a long way to go.

Take the uproar about Woolies and Coles switching to reusable plastic bags! We can’t believe it. Look at how many plastic bags you see in your environment – some blow across roads like post-apocalyptic tumbleweed, while others end up floating through our rivers until they find their way to the sea.

Surely that’s an easy switch we should not be complaining about, to a reusable bag – just like switching your clothing choices to men’s boardies made from Econyl or recycled plastic at

Tips for reducing your plastic footprint

  1. Use paper, boxes or cloth bags instead of plastic bags (this isn’t hard, just do it and it will become habit).
  2. Bring a keep cup or one made from Pottery for the Planet to get your coffee in the morning.
  3. Buy your toilet paper from Who Gives a Crap, recycled toilet paper, wrapped in paper and cardboard you are also donating to charity and helping build toilets in third world countries.
  4. Use glass containers such as Pyrex in your kitchen and glass instead of plastic bottles for feeding babies.
  5. Choose a glass container of coconut oil as your moisturiser instead of those in plastic (it’s great for softening your beard!).
  6. Don’t buy plastic toys which children can chew, and replace them with toys made of natural materials.
  7. Don’t buy or use plastic cups, plates or spoons, especially the disposable single-use ones buy wooden or bamboo instead.
  8. Don’t use disposable razors
  9. Switch your toothbrush to one made of bamboo
  10. Buy recycled and ethical clothing like your men’s boardies from The Rocks Push –, made from Econyl (we’ll get to that next week) these shorts are made from discarded plastic and fishing nets.

Do something good for the planet today!

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