Proud of our People
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Proud of our People

I’ve received two requests from customers this week about where our swim shorts are made. It makes me happy that customers are reaching out to learn more about us and make decisions perhaps based upon what they learn.

So if you’re wondering where we make and why, this is the answer: Our shorts are made in the south of China in a family owned factory. We visit our suppliers regularly and we conduct audits to ensure the people who work on our swim shorts are well looked after and paid properly. We also conduct audits on the quality of our garments before they leave the manufacturer to make sure they are made to the highest standard. We proudly use recycled fabrics in our range too, which are certified by international organisations. Our shorts are made to a high technical specification with double stitching, bar tacks, flat seams and very high quality nylon and recycled PET. We work with highly skilled people who take pride in their work. It has been a disappointment to us that we cannot find a manufacturer in Australia that can make our shorts to the same high standard that we can with overseas manufacturers. We are committed to making high quality garments. Working with quick drying fabrics requires a technical knowhow and our product requires some specialised machinery that is not commonly available here in Australia any longer. We you like our approach and we hope you’ll try our shorts

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