How to remove surfboard wax from clothing
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How to remove surfboard wax from clothing

It’s inevitable that sometimes you’ll get a bit of wax on your clothes while waxing your board. But before you trade in your favourite threads, we’ve got some tips for removing wax from clothing.

The first thing to do once you’ve noticed the wax on your t-shirt or shorts is to take them off and put them in the freezer. This will harden the wax, making it easier to gently pick off with a dull knife. Once you’ve removed as much of the wax as you can, you’ll most likely find there is still residue and even colouring from the wax left behind. If you were using a wax that is colourless, you may be able to finish here and try soaking the item before putting it in the washing machine.

If you used a coloured or scented wax, your next step involves getting out the iron and some paper towel. Set the iron to low and put paper towel under the clothing and then on top of it as well. As you iron the top of the paper towel where the stain is, you’ll see the paper soak up the residue, so you’ll need to keep moving the paper towel to soak up more of the wax. Blotting paper or paper bags are also an option you can use here instead of paper towel.

Once you’ve gotten out as much of the wax as you can, it’s time to soak the garment in an oxygen-based stain remover. Leave it overnight.

Then it’s time to put it in the washing machine. If it’s a delicate item, you may want to simply hand-wash it. Once the wash cycle is complete, your piece of clothing should come out as good as new!

There are also a few specialist ‘wax removing’ washing solutions you can buy if you find that this process is too lengthy for you, or if you still find there is residue left behind.

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