January 16, 2012


This morning I was reading Stan Lee’s blog and came across this 40 sec clip.

Seven bottles of water to make one bottle of water.  Wow.

Stan then says, ‘Australia is the driest continent on earth…. it seems like a waste of our most important natural resource.’

Here here.  I bought a bottle yesterday that gives 1 month’s worth of water to someone in need.  I liked that.  But today I’ve changed my mind.

I’ve swum, sunned, snorkeled sand strolled and sailed with too many bottles as companions already. 

I like the tap and the long-lasting bottle, free water, no poisoning chemicals leaching from the bottle and no waste at the end of every litre.

We can’t stop the toothbrushes, pens, odd thongs that wash up on beaches around the world every night, but we can help with the plastic bottles.