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#Salutethereuser: Keeping Coffee Sustainable

Coffee, most of us can’t live without it every day.  But those cups that deliver that wonderful fit are nasty for our environment.  Every minute around the world one million disposable cups are discarded into landfill. That’s over 500 billion disposable cups a year.  That makes me wince.

Keep Cup started by two Melbournian siblings who were horrified at the waste created from their coffee shop.  Searching for a solution, they collaborated with other clever minds to come up with Keep Cup, the world’s first barista standard reusable cup with a mission to reduce the widespread use of disposable cups.  Made locally, and selling globally, Keep Cup is used by people all over the world who want to reduce the consequences of their convenience behaviour.With sustainability and reuse at the core of the Keep Cup business, this is a shining example of a business that has had great commercial results with feel good, do good, at it’s core purpose.

This got us thinking at The Rocks Push… product design is where we can make a difference in our impact.  Keep Cup also state behavioural change as a key driver to their business.  We often wonder if people care about these things as much as we do… the cigarette butts at the shore line, the plastic bags floating past their ferry commute, the fishing bait bags scattered up the sand… Here are some lessons from the Keep Cup team that inspire us:

  • ”Strike a positive note, for most of us, the word “should” is immediately disengaging. We all need to do better, and we can, it’s about giving ourselves and others the space to take positive action.
  • Find the enablers within your industry and engage them. I’ve been to many of the cafes in this book with my KeepCup and the barista has said ‘good on you’ or ‘nice KeepCup’. It’s a wonderful feeling to have your efforts acknowledged and assists to embed the positive behaviour. Take a bow baristas of the world!
  • Provide an accessible entry point to the sustainability journey. For many of our customers it has been the beginning of a journey to reduce the consequences of convenience behaviour.”

We hope you enjoy this salute to their re-users as much as we did.

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