August 13, 2013

In two days time, the new summer range will arrive in Sydney.  Swim short prints that were designed last Christmas are now going to become a reality, en masse.  The waiting game is nearly over. The new season has great colours that shine in our beautiful light; charcoal grey, coral pink, turquoise, mustard yellow and too many blues to name. This pair is a favourite.  It’s one step more than the navy spot from last summer.  The navy spot was a quiet favourite in the line up at last seasons showings, but it went undetected by many, until it arrived here at and then it disappeared faster than a barefoot jack rabbit on a burning barbie. It’s always fun to see what colours you love in your boardies.  Some like understated, some like out there, but it’s the colours that you choose in the boardshorts styles that gets our brains ticking. The surprise is half the fun.