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Some See Trash. Others See Treasure

Our product evolution – from plastic bottles in one line only to a full range made from salvaged fishing nets and ocean plastic with Econyl®

We’ve been concerned at The Rocks Push about the impact of fast fashion and consumption on the environment for a long time. We have always had a bag for our men’s boardies made from recycled bottles and over the years we’ve had different partnerships with charities like the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

While we have always been confident we have chosen the best mills to work with based on quality, treatment of workers and environmental production methods, we decided after a while that we needed to make more changes and start experimenting with different fabrics. We’d longed to find one that had the perfect balance between quality, style and comfort. The search was long. Initially we found one type of Nylon, which was great for swimming shorts and made from recycled bottles. The problem was that it wasn’t as soft as we would have liked and we knew our customers didn’t want scratchy fabric when they went from the beach to the bar in their men’s boardies.

Finally we came across the most amazing company in Italy called Econyl®. With a few calls, samples, and emails later we were on our way to switching our entire range over. This regenerated nylon is a product made from waste, it’s infinitely recyclable and sustainable. It’s manufactured wholly from waste streams that include abandoned fishing nets and carpets.

We are so happy that our impact on the planet has been reduced and that our entire men’s boardies range is now made from this revolutionary product.



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