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The Exciting Power of Consumers to Drive Change

Working together to develop sustainable and eco friendly men’s boardies

Being sustainable and eco-friendly in fashion, swimwear and men’s boardshorts is no longer considered just a crazy push by environmental charities or a really niche concern. With social media now such a driving force, customers are more vocal than ever regarding sustainable issues. This is why it’s so important for us at The Rocks Push to offer visibility over how we source our materials and how we produce our swimshorts, towels and rashies.

It seems to us that today all fashion consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious. They expect brands to be ecological with a focus on conservation and a greater social commitment, along with fair treatment of employees in production facilities. We’ve tried to listen to our customers and expanded the presence of sustainable products in our core collection of men’s boardies. We are proud of our partnership with the Australian Marine Conservation Society with a focus on saving the Great Barrier Reef as well as a commitment to become more environmental by switching all our materials over to Econyl, made from recycled plastic and salvaged fishing nets. We’ve done this without any compromise to our quality or price.

We’d like to thank all our customers for driving us to be a more sustainable and environmentally friendly brand.

To get a discount for your next pair of ethically made men’s fashion board shorts, share an image on Instagram, tag @therockspush and we’ll direct message you a $20 code off a new pair of men’s boardies. 

Get snapping and upload your picture on Instagram today!

Pictured below is model Saxon Dunworth in our boardies made from Econyl, recycled fishing nets and ocean plastic, carrying a fishing net found in Port Stephens soon to travel to Italy to become a pair of our men’s boardies.

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