November 13, 2011

This journey started with a hunch while on the beach marvelling at the number of grown men wearing baggy, overtly branded, kitschy coloured surf board shorts. Then it grew into a thought in an alleyway as old as Sydney herself in The Rocks.  And now we’re here, with the best men’s swim shorts on our shores. Jumping back into history to know more about the men of The Rocks Push is like reaching into a dark trunk in a forgotten antiques store, cobwebs everywhere, very few reliable sources, even fewer photographs. The ambiguity sends the imagination on a wild journey.  We know the men wore top hats, cravats and velvet jackets. And they had enamel icons of their girls made the size of a 20c piece to stick on the toes of their boots.  And they ruled Sydney from The Rocks. But how they survived our hot and humid city in English woolen tailored dress, what they made of our grey gums fringing our beautiful harbour and home to strange animals.  We can only guess. But there was one who went against the trend. Tired of donning woolen trousers and braces in the heat and tired of almost drowning in such attire, he had his mother take a pair of breeches, cut and sew them at the knee and make the first swimming shorts Sydney had seen.  Hurrah.