About Us



About Us

The Rocks Push makes swim shorts to clean our oceans.  Designed in Sydney and made from recycled fishing nets salvaged from our oceans or recycled plastic bottles diverted from landfill, we do this to do good.

We work with talented artists around the world to create hand illustrated prints featuring our Australian wildlife and marine environment and we print in short runs, so you have something special to wear at the beach, by the pool and on those long summer days and nights.

Founded nine years ago, The Rocks Push board shorts include three tailored mens styles and one tailored boys style, plus some simple, pre-washed linen shirts to match.  Our boardies are double stitched, with flat seams for comfort and packed in carry bags made from recycled plastic bottles for easy packing and gifting.

We don’t use plastic in our supply chain and work with family owned manufacturing units which are audited annually.

We belong to 1% For The Planet and donate 1% of our profits to the Australian Marine Conservation Society , to support their work protecting our Great Barrier Reef.

Our name comes from an infamous Sydney gang , who ruled our young city in the 1800’s and were impeccably dressed.

Australian board shorts, for boys big and small, for your pleasure and for our planet.

Here are our mens board shorts and our boys board shorts and shop our family prints.

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I am very sorry, we have very few swim shorts left here for you to choose from for your Christmas pressies.


Our supply chain was interrupted with COVID and so we are now making our swim shorts here in Australia.  Woohoo!


But the first delivery is running very late and I am not sure if they will arrive in time for Christmas orders.  I am sorry.


If you’re keen to know when they arrive, which may be in time for Christmas orders, please pop your email below and I will be sure to email you as soon as they are here.


These shorts are made from recycled fishing nets and made in Aus in very special iconic Aussie prints,  I hope you’ll think they’re worth waiting for. 


Thank you for your loyalty and understanding.