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About Us

The Rocks Push makes mens swim shorts and boys swim shorts to clean our oceans.  Designed in Sydney and made in Australia from fabric made from ocean and landfill waste including industrial plastic, salvaged fishing nets, recycled fabric scraps and carpets, our swim shorts are the best you’ve ever had.

Founded nine years ago, The Rocks Push board shorts are made in two tailored mens styles and one tailored boys style, with classic linen shirts to match.

We don’t use plastic in our supply chain and work with family owned manufacturing units which are audited annually.

We belong to 1% For The Planet and donate 1% of our profits to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

Our name comes from an infamous Sydney gang , who ruled our young city in the 1800’s and were impeccably dressed.

Australian board shorts, for boys big and small, for your pleasure and for our planet.

Here are our mens board shorts and our boys board shorts and shop our family prints.

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After a whirlwind year, The Rocks Push swim shorts are now being made here in Australia, in Burleigh Heads.  We are continuing to use the Italian recycled yarn made from salvaged fishing nets, plastic bottles and old carpets, to make your beautiful swim shorts.


With the summer breeze flowing through the windows, our supplier has been busy making your favourite Balmoral swim shorts, and our first deliveries are due in the new few weeks.


If you can't find what you're looking for here, please shoot me a message and I'll see if I can help.


If you would like me to email you when more shorts arrive, please add your email below and I'll be in touch very soon.


Thanks for your loyalty and understanding.