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We are Harper

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We are Harper are a super cool Men’s Tee brand founded by Kevin Harper who we have been following.

Kevin shares some key things on living now. “Each time we spend money we advocate not just for the product, but how that product was made and delivered to us.” 10 tips for living more mindfully:

1. Listen – focus in on who you’re talking with and actively listen. Check your own issues at the door.

2. Practice empathy – while listening actively, jump into the shoes of the speaker and feel what they are saying.

3. Start your day by thinking about what you’re grateful for – It can be anything, large or small, but it will reset your brain to look for more positivity throughout the day. 4. Notice your negative thoughts and gently move yourself away from them.

5. Be curious – when meeting new people or tackling a new subject, curiosity will reward you every time.

6. Lean into the discomfort of vulnerability – real love and joy only comes from vulnerability

7. Keep television to a minimum – Mindless viewing is escapism that will never work in your favour.

8. Practice mindfulness while you wait – for your partner or the bus, take the opportunity to focus deeply on a thought you’d like to explore rather than looking for distractions on your phone.

9. Consider the social and environmental impact – of what you buy from the grocery store and seek out alternatives. 10. Don’t accept what you read in the headlines.

Check out Good for you. Good for the Planet.

We are Harper

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