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We Welcome You Back Summer

Tomorrow is our first real day of summer here in Sydney.  Welcome back girl.

Some say the temperature is going to reach 34C, others say 37C.  We know it well.  The roads sizzle up ahead, the horizon looks dusty, barefoot by mid afternoon can get a little uncomfortable, windows and curtains and blinds go down, the ice tray is refilled, the beer is restocked, the boardies are dug out from drawer bottoms, the towels too.

The water is a balmy 20C now here.  When the toe hits the cool, it feels cold and then the plunge, a submersion into somewhere quiet and peaceful, a washing off the heat and the day and the week and the worries.  This is what it’s all about, really.  Nothing else matters.  Really.

And home with salt on the skin.  And then the Southerly comes.  She is welcome.  She comes quickly, first a rustling, then the skin feels the drop in temperate and says thank you, curtains and blinds and windows go up up up, and the city goes quiet in relief.

We hope you have a beautiful weekend of sun, sand, swim.

Love from a summer devotee, The Rocks Push

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