What Type of Swim Shorts are Best for my Body Type?
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What Type of Swim Shorts are Best for my Body Type?

Beachside and poolside is about kicking back and letting loose. In this gladiatorial arena, we all want to look and feel our best.

Choosing the right swim shorts for your body shape is important, so let’s see the options for men’s swim shorts….

Mr Strong

Choose a wide leg swim short with a comfortable elasticated waistband, a classic retro style, and perhaps a print with stripes or small repeat icons such as our Balmoral swim shorts

Mr Short

Try board shorts for men with vertical stripes, plain colours, and small prints, with a shorter leg-length such as our Shelly swim shorts 

Mr Tall

Men standing over 6’ may be best suited to a longer leg swim short, such as our Blueys swim shorts

Mr Slim

Sometimes it’s best to keep your men’s beach shorts short and tailored, with a colourful pattern. Try our Shelly swim shorts

Mr Quiet

Choose a low-key print in harmonious colours, or plain colours. Try our classy Tama shorts

Mr Loud

Think bold and vibrant: choose a print that is large with contrasting colours and tells a story, try our mermaids print

Whatever man you are, you want to keep your valuables safe and dry when you’re getting wet. So The Rocks Push swim shorts come with a waterproof wallet that slips snugly into the back pocket of all our shorts and is waterproof to 18.2m deep.

We hope you find a pair you love!

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