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#whomademyclothes: Creating a Fashion Revolution

It will take a revolution in the fashion industry to create a Positive Impact Fashion Industry, one that we can be proud to share with our children, knowing that we have done everything in our power to create a global movement of change. At the core of this change is consumers, you, me, the guy next door, the business colleague, we are all consumers so we are ALL responsible for shaping the future of the fashion industry. The Rocks Push are so so passionate about create a Positive Impact and it is truly engrained in everything that we live, breath and preach about. Last weekend marked the third anniversary of Rana Plaza, where 1134 people were killed in Bangladesh, and more than 2500 people seriously injured. Out of this tragedy came the Fashion Revolution and the launch of the campaign #whomademyclothes. Everyone as a consumer has the right to ask this question, and expect for their beloved brands to share with you who has made your clothes, the conditions that they are working in, how they are treated and more about the men and women involved in the development of fashion products. We at The Rocks Push are proud of the people who work for us and it’s important to us that they are happy, healthy and love what they do. Imagine wearing a pair of swim shorts that weren’t made with love.

Here is a sneak peek into our factory in China and this week we will be sharing some more stories of people behind the brand that you can connect to.

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