Women Making Swim Shorts For Men
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Women Making Swim Shorts For Men

The Rocks Push was born six years ago. It started with a hunch, seeing Sydney men on Manly beach wearing the long, baggy, overtly branded board shorts of their youth. And beside them lay Sydney women wearing some of the best swimwear in the world.

And with a little more investigating, it seemed men didn’t have many options when it came to choosing men’s swimwear. From budgies to euro trunks to board shorts, there was something missing in between.

A friend with strong insight at the time said Australian city beaches are our modern day ‘gladiatorial arenas’. So why not give men the chance to choose their battle kit, length of leg, fit in the leg, bold or classic print, always understated branding, let him shine.

Those principles have stood us in good stead and it’s with great pleasure we are showing our seventh range of Australian men’s swim shorts to our partners in crime, our retail buyers. And what a joy it is. Like hanging with old friends.

Making men’s swim shorts for a living doesn’t feel a bit like work.

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